Planning your Whistler, bc wedding celebration?

the Party Starts Even *Before* the Ceremony and reception

Get planning!

Get Ready to Do The Thing

You’re doing it, you’re getting married! This is a big deal, HUGE in fact, so you’re going to need a ceremony that is more than a pit-stop on the way to the reception. 


You get to know me. And I, you.

We have an obligation-free chat in person or over the phone to discuss your ideal wedding ceremony and see if we’re a fit for each other.

You’re gonna need a ceremony with a whole lotta heart. One that’s full of good vibes, super engaging and totally, authentically you. It’s my job to make it happen and here’s how it goes down…


We create your wedding masterpiece.

A lengthy video chat fueled by your favorite coffee, beer, wine, cocktail - whatever you like. We develop your ceremony through an intricate, intimate look into your lives (zero judgments, promise!!)


You have the best-damn day of your life!

Because your ceremony is exactly what YOU envisioned. With tons of personal touches and surprises for your guests to keep everyone laughing and participating in the fun. 

Nicole is just the person you want guiding you through and getting you excited about one of the most significant moments of your life. To craft what feels right for you, she gets to know you like an old friend, picks out the things that are most important to you and infuses them into your ceremony.

All the while she makes it fun and perhaps even a little spicy! She can bring to life the ceremony you imagined and may toss in a few ideas that you surely don’t want to leave out!

- Eric

What you get when you work with me

Ideas & Inspiration

YOUR ideas will bubble to the top. But I’m here to help you dream big and make it pop when you need it.

Communication & Trust

Lots of virtual and face-to-face meetings to brainstorm and write. Unlimited contact with me until you’re relaxed and happy with the plan for the day.

From-Scratch Ceremony

Tailor-made and written from the heart. No templates and no boring weddings. I promise.

Optional Rehearsal Add-On

To make sure you and your love squad know when and where to walk, sit, stand, and speak to get the best photos from the day.

Official Business

Before you can even give it a post-bash thought, I settle up the legal logistics and file the required documentation to make you legally, officially, and verifiably married.

Personal Travel Guide

I’m also your one-stop-shop for enlightening guests on where to go for coffee spots, restaurants, shopping, and sight seeing.

Planning an Adventure Wedding in British Columbia?

You’re on a gnarly hike. The start of the trail represents the start of your relationship. I’m your storytelling tour guide, regaling your wedding party with your love story’s highlights as we breathlessly climb The Chief and share in laughter at all the lookout points along the way.

Browsing for inspiration? I gotchu.

Just for funsies, imagine some of these possibilities…


Browsing for inspiration? I gotchu.

Just for funsies, imagine some of these possibilities…

Or skip the hike and take a Jeep tour to the summit of Blackcomb for an offroad escapade on your way to the ceremony. What if you could thrill your guests with a grand heli entrance, dropping in at the altar just in time to kick off the party?


Browsing for inspiration? I gotchu.

Just for funsies, imagine some of these possibilities…

If you’re a beat head like me, just revel in the idea of a surprise ceremony at a concert. Your crowd will be vibing to the downtempos while I sanctify your vows between the DJ’s drops!

This one’s a true story! Imagine a weekend multi-day rave wedding in the woods. Your officiant wearing spandex, sequins, and tassels - and shotgunning beers with you as part of an untraditional ceremony ritual.


I’m here for all of it.

The possibilities for a dreamy, dramatic wedding are endless.

What’s your dream wedding? Tell me about it!

Prefer to tap your inspiration while tapping a beer over Zoom? Hit me up!

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